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“Human beings are never more ingenious than in the invention of games” Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz..

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Fine tuning developments start in January 2021:

SPYCRET Unbounded‘ is the second game in the SPYCRET series, you will meet Double Agent Brown and travel across the world on your mission, you will be bound by a game timer and encounter many combats whilst escaping and evading capture. This game will be the next level game play, building on the last. Where Circumvention was aimed at the Casual family board game player.  Unbounded is a bridging game, introducing new mechanics to those unfamiliar with some medium to heavy weighted board games.  The characters remain, Agent Brown is introduced, Villains and Allies also remain but with new and more intense features.

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Meet original Agent Brown:

There is a plan, and the plan is another launch in November 2022.

Update on planning – 10/3/21

Prototype- after numerous component tests, plus additional strategy testing and game player numbers the game is now ready to be designed, there are many new components to this game as well as an intricate back story and a narrative to the game play. Development is slow paced in order to make sure each section is correct which includes the geographic information and the spy theme story.

Here is an image of an early play test:



SUCCESS STORY – 1 under our belt!

SPYCRET CIRCUMVENTION is now over, game developed, manufactured and sold successfully.


Our first successful game launched on Kickstarter on 5th September and was fully funding in 1 week. That is an amazing achievement for us here at Sweet Wimble Games Ltd, having not used Kickstarter in the past and making a game that was more for the casual market, we are so proud to have completed this task.


This is a video of Introducing the game, specifically made for the Kickstarter campaign in September 2020.

http://This link will take you to the campaign, it is now over of course but you can see the hard work that went into the marketing of the game and the successful campaign, all graphics created by Jayne.

How to Play videos:

DAWNING OF A NEW IDEA – lets journey back to the beginning of our time.


The development of SPYCRET Circumvention got underway in December 2019, originally the game contained 3 separate game boards, players will become Agents and travel Europe on their secret missions, leaving the UK on their designated transport, arriving in Europe to complete their individual missions before escaping and travelling back, without being caught, to HQ in London.

Spycret is a series of espionage table top games, not just set in Europe but also set world wide.

The ‘Spycret Circumvention’ game is the initial game in the ‘Spycret’ series, where expansion and additional packs are also being developed.

Originally the game was set for 8 players age 10+, and was a game of collaboration and competition, with the idea that it could also be split into 3 separate game plays.


The game was initially thought of in December 2019 and began development in early January 2020, the project started with most components hand painted, creating play pieces from wood and polymer clay, game boards from pieces of plywood and canvas, and many other wooden pieces, from travel tiles to mission tokens, all of the game cards were created through the Adobe Suite, printed and hand laminated.


Once the hand made game was complete, short tests were carried out of each game board, and many changes were made, this process was intense and took 2 months to complete, once happy, the game began to develop into a commercial idea in order to reach wider testing before the game can really become a reality.


The game had its make over from hand painted components to electronically produced graphic design illustrations, including box design and all game boards and pieces in April 2020 which continued into September ready for print and crowdfunding.


Next stage planned was to transfer the game to Tabletopia and/or Table Top Simulator (TTS) with a link for game testing commercially reaching out to playtesters worldwide, however this didnt happen, instead we took the game to Table Top Simulator and play tested it with the Discord play testing designer groups online.


These are the original designs from brain through hand and onto surfaces to see the game in its physical prototype form.

Game Board 1 ‘The Journey’ – game play original hand painted version completed.

Game Board 2 ‘Secret Missions’ – game play original hand painted version completed.

Game Board 3 ‘HQ Bound’ – game play original hand painted version completed.

By spilling the brain and the ideas within it, creates the process of design and fine tuning, to physically see a mechanic work or not work helps tremendously in the process.

Meet our handmade original Agents, these are made from wooden pieces, polymer clay and acrylic paint, these became the initial designs for the Graphically designed Agents, with amendments to incorporate ethnicities and skin tone variations in the actual board game:

UPDATE: 25 JUNE 2020

Since playtesting extensively it was decided that the game should change dramatically into a roll and move, take that game. Albeit slightly retro in it’s style, design and mechanics, we felt the fun is in the playing and so condensed the game to give it a better player impact.

With only one game board, packed with actions on 75% of the board, there is strategy to learn, which will come once you have had your first playthrough, collecting Clue Tokens and cool Weapons and Gadgets, battling villains and chasing each other for the Briefcase, it is a fast paced game racing across Europe to be the successful Agent.

All other updates will be placed on the Blog under SPYCRET CIRCUMVENTION.

Playtesting of the new concept with the prototype components:


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