About Us

Who is behind Sweet Wimble Games and where does our name originate?

Sweet Wimble Games is a game development company created by Jayne Francis-Headon.

Who am I?

I am a woman in my prime! I have years of life experience that I share with my closest of people. Family and friends mean the world to me, I live in North East Wales with my spouse and our lovely little scruffy Wimble!… his name is Timmy really, but Timothy Wimble is his nick name, and this is where the company name derives from, he is our logo, our scruffy bit of inspiration.

Here are some photos of our cheeky Timothy Wimble:

And here he is in our Logo:


What is my passion? – all things creative, I am an acrylic artist, and a qualified Interior designer. Most recently I taught myself Graphic Design with the Adobe Suite, and have transformed many of my artistic designs for the game myself.

Where did my love of board games come from?

I have played board games since I can remember, I grew up in South Wales through the 70’s.  I joined the armed forces in the 80′ where we would spend long night shifts playing board games, as well as outside of work, living away from home in Germany was hard but games helped to make up some of the fun.  We established game nights throughout the 90’s.  Once my children came along (I have 3 boys) they grew up with board games every Christmas, and it hasn’t stopped there.

Each year we buy, on average 4-6 new games, we all get together in December and January and any other time of year when we can play, games as simple as trivia to intense D&D style games, and everything in between, we have quite an eclectic collection. Our current love is Arkham and Eldritch Horror, All of the Ticket to Ride series and anything from the fantasy worlds of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and the old faithful Lord Of The Rings!

Therefore I feel I am quite a pro in the playing of board game world and love nothing better.

And so…. Sweet Wimble Games was born, and our first venture came to life – SPYCRET,  a series of new British Spy themed board games, with our first titled  ‘Spycret Circumvention’ and a second in the drawing stages ‘Spycret Unbounded’,  we are underway on our journey of discovery and excitement.

It’s been nice chatting to you, but many jobs to do to get these boards done and on your tables soon…