We are here, at last.. The Campaign has began and we have until the 4th October to be successful.

The first 3 days have been a rollercoaster of emotions, anxious times lay ahead as we watch the days count down and hope that Spycret Circumvention has appealed to at least a few new pledges each day.

As a first Kickstarter project campaign, obviously it is something that I would love to be successful, and this will pave the way to continuing on the Spycret Journey and moving forward into 2021.

We need the word to get out, for those that love a new board game at Christmas now is the time to start thinking about owning not only a game you will never find on the shelves of mass produced retailers, but the bespoke special kind, made by a person who strives for everyone to enjoy gaming with family and friends.  What better time than to buy that special gift for family or for yourselves to enjoy.

To make it even more special, I have offered an exclusive Kickstarter one time limited offer only on this campaign, to change one of the characters to become an Agent in your own game. You too can become an Agent of MI6, with your very own style, your own weapon and Security Pass to play along in the game.

So why now and why is this game so special? I hear you ask.

Well, for one, as I have already mentioned, this game is unique.  I have spent hours researching Spy Board Games since I began the project as I did not want it to be like any other game on the market.  I absolutely love retro and film noir, the roaring 50’s and cold war Europe, even though this does have a small link to this time, again the game is totally make believe and created that way, with a twist on words and phrases to make it similar but not the same as reality. For instance – MI6, this is not the Military Intelligence Section 6 as based in London and is a government agency, but The Ministry of Ingenuity 6th Division! These are the quirky spins on those well known acronyms and words that you would already recognise from the world we live in.

I did think that breaking a code was a must in the world of Agents and Spys, but then thought better of it. This game now comes will collecting cool items and plenty of them, keeping your cash and making sure you hold on to your mission, in a cat and mouse style chase around Europe.  Each Agent for themselves. Even though they all work for MI6 and should be on the same side, it all turns a little bit dark as you get to Europe and know that it is you that must complete this mission, at all costs, and to the detriment of your fellow players/Agents!  So battle you will, attack them and snatch that infamous Briefcase to make it out successfully and be the one to bring it home.

The game states 14+ on the box, and it is recommended a good play for this age and above, however, at the discretion of parents/carers this is also a game that can be played with younger players as young as 10 years old if holding a hand of Weapon cards is not seen in a negative way.

The Weapons are used as cards, when a Villain card is drawn, it will have an attack value added to that card, in order to stop the Villain from damaging an Agent, a Weapon card can be used from their hand that has a higher attack value, hence making sure the Villain flees without your cool possessions and especially the Briefcase. This is the only time the Weapon cards are used within the game.  There are also Gadgets in the pack and these help you to move around the board or to snatch or steal items from fellow Agents. This is the only reason the game has a 14+ stamp on the box.

With 2 players this game will last approximately 30 minutes and maybe even shorter if you have played a few times, the more players that join the difference will show in the play time, increasing by 10-15 minutes per players.  There are 8 characters to choose from but the game is advised it will play best with a maximum of 6 players in total. However, the potential is there to increase this and change the game to suit yourselves when playing, nothing in set in stone, after all, this is espionage we are talking about here!

The link for the Kickstarter can be found on the Home Page or here:

Thank you for reading and thank you for your continued support throughout the full development and now the Kickstarter Campaign.

WE DID IT!!!!!

Spycret Circumvention successfully completed Kickstarter and is not being published as we speak. We want to thank everyone who was involved in the campaign. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement and we hope that you will enjoy the game as much as we do…

Watch this space for the development of the 2nd game in the Spycret Series.

We will post pictures to our Spycret Series page to keep you all updated. Exciting times ahead.

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