So the project is now at an end, the final hurdle is the crowdfunder, as I had mentioned many months ago, Kickstarter was my preferred method of getting this game out to you fabulous gamers.  However I came across a lot of brick walls and some advice I just wasn’t sure of, so I dropped the Kickstarter idea and tried to venture elsewhere, I looked at Crowd Sale (mentioned in my previous blog post) and yes its great, if you live in the US.. I have created the game on the Game Crafter and it will be available on there for anyone who wants to purchase it living in the US, as not shipping it from the UK will be far cheaper than the extra dollars you will pay to have to the game printed on demand for you.

For all UK residents and those of you in Europe, I hope that you will back my Kickstarter campaign and see this game reach those that are waiting to own and play it..

The video and the marketing images are now up on the landing page of this site and soon to be posted on social media.

Pre-launch will also be very soon (by the end of August at the very latest).  I will post the date.. however preview will be available for my blog and website subscribers here and a button to press if you want to know when the project goes live – please watch this space.

So here is a little bit about Kickstarter:

How does KICKSTARTER  work?

Basically I have calculated the absolute minimum amount that I would need to print a batch of games, that becomes my crowdfunding target – this is then placed on my campaign page with pledges. You are the ones who choose to pledge, anything from as little as £1 right up to the cost of a full game.  If I reach my goal after 30 days then for everyone who has pledged a full game, we will fulfill the orders and the games will be shipped to you once your payments have been processed (which by the way do not get done until the end of the campaign if it is a success).. Pledge manager will also gather additional postage and packaging costs from you once the campaign is completed and successful – the prices will be stated on the campaign page for all to see.

If at the end of the 30 days, we don’t hit the target, then nothing happens, literally nothing at all, no money leaves your account, nothing enters mine, no orders are placed and no games to manufacture or ship.  For me that will be the end of the Kickstarter campaign, and I will have failed.. 🙁 sad face of course…

I hope this explains how it works and gives each and every one of you confidence to pledge and support me in this venture… once this is done, I have already started on the next!

Please spread the word, share the news and pledge to support the venture, there could be an awful lot of people having fun on Christmas day playing Spycret Circumvention this year, and why not, its been a really tough year for us all in 2020….


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