Deck Graphics COMPLETED

The past two weeks have seen the game take a huge spin, we are now down to just one board, the middle Secret Missions board has survived the testing stage and has had a make over, we have 75% of the board filled with actions, the game has changed into a roll and move take that style game, albeit slightly retro in design, theme and mechanics, we feel this works well as a fun family game.

This is our new board:

The Card Decks are also ready, the Attack Pack has been revamped to give it a more noir retro villain theme, and the Agent Allies have also had a few small changes.  Weapons/Gadget Decks have had a major overhaul and have also now been completed.  There are quite a few parts of the original game still here, the individual Play mats are pretty much the same with a few tweaks to design to accomodate the new Take That aspect, but other than that they are of the same style and size as originally planned.

We are now ready for the next step, to acquire a printed copy for design inspection and to determine the size of the box. The box design is still in its development but am keeping that a bit of a mystery for now 🙂

We hope you like the changes we have made.

Take a Peak at the Attack Pack :

Take another peak at the updated Agent Ally Deck:

And our final peak for today, a few of the Weapon/Gadget Cards:

Watch this space …things are now beginning to move at a faster pace..

Thank you again for all your support.

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