What’s the plan for SPYCRET this week SM?

Well agents, the plan for the next few weeks is to explore Tabletopia…

Background Intel:



Follow this link to take you to one of the major sandbox arena’s to play board games electronically, just like in real life… only different ….

Sign up for a free account or even go large and pay for premium and explore the board game world through electronic media, strange? yes, but so are the times we are living in.  Familiarise yourselves with the platform and how to play games online, this will stand you in good stead for when SPYCRET goes live as a test play on the site, you will then be able to access the ‘Circumvention’ edition and be an esteemed partisan to the final developments of the board game, a very valuable member of the team, and one that will contribute to either the success or failure of the project, and we don’t do failure… so its time to investigate..

What will I be doing?

Developing each and every single game piece into a PNG file to upload into Tabletopia, quite a task but a valuable one at that.

Wish me luck comrades… see you on the other side…


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